Christmas in April

You’ve probably heard all about Christmas in July. It consists of the time of year when the hot summer months just seem too hard to handle, so society turns its attention to silver bells and snowmen. Often, different towns across America hold various holiday themed events like ornament craft shows, or even pool parties with carols chiming in the background. This short season of Rudolph in a heat wave helps ease the tension of still having another six months until the fat man rides his sleigh.

I love Christmas, and it’s no secret that I fully participate in watching Christmas movies in July, and even before then if the mood strikes. I have no shame in the mini decorative tree that takes up residence near my computer year round, and I bask in the glory that is hot chocolate, even when the outside temperature makes my steaming beverage seem mild.

Most importantly though, I love cruising in my car and listening to carols on my commute to work. The She & Him holiday album is a Spotify playlist that never sees much rest. If I were to roll down my windows in Nashville’s standstill traffic mid-April, there’s a 33% chance that you’ll hear those sacred songs.

Not surprisingly, as a songwriter, I also happen to write Christmas tunes well after the inflatable elves have been stored in the attic. In fact, one of my favorite songs that I have ever written was composed well into January of this past year, when I was already anxious for the holiday season to come back around.

Now, I’m not the type of person that apologizes for the things that I like, which is why I fully embrace the tinsel mid-Spring. Even if it is a little weird and out of the ordinary, I simply don’t think it is worth wasting time doing anything other than what you love. So even though the flowers are just beginning to bloom, I will continue to listen to Christmas carols in my Santa Cat socks (yes, those are socks with cats dressed as Santa).

I will also keep writing Christmas songs even as the heat index tips into three digits. The next time you get the hankering for some holly, I hope you’ll join me.

Have yourself a merry little April Christmas and check out one of my holiday songs here.


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