The Chicken or the Lyrics?

It’s the age old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Or in the case of a songwriter: The music or the lyrics?

As worked up as people may get about the inquiry, there is simply no right or wrong answer to either of these questions.

Some people can only write songs by starting with music, just like how many protesters are stubbornly supportive of the chicken theory. On the other hand, many artists can’t function without lyrics in place, similar to how countless individuals fight for the egg to take first.

The simple answer is that there is no answer. We all hang in the middle ground of either argument, and can make strong cases for both parties. Like life, these questions are mostly gray area that, when explored, just become more confusing and tricky.

Yes, maybe to some people the chicken came first, and to others the lyrics are vital, but we are all better people when we choose to embrace the mystery of both sides. Sometimes when we break our routine, magic is made.

If you are a writer that thinks you can’t possibly create without a melody, give penning just lyrics a try. Same goes for those die-hard lyricists out there. Maybe let the music say more than ever before.

Even though I build my craft around lyrics and believe that the egg most likely came first, I look forward to the pieces that I create focused on the music, and for one day, the chicken to prove me wrong.

Music or lyrics, chicken or egg, we all have something to learn from letting loose with our creativity and opening up to new possibilities.


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