The Eight Treasures of Target

My love for Target runs deep. I signed the lease on my very first apartment simply because there was a Target across the street. If you were to open my refrigerator at this very moment, more than two-thirds of its contents would be of the Market Pantry brand.

What is my favorite thing about the magical land known as Target? I simply can’t decide. That is why I am providing you with a list of the top eight reasons why I think Target is great.

*This post is not sponsored by Target, but I WISH it was.*

1. It is Universal: Upon my arrival in Nashville, I was heartbroken to learn that HyVee Grocery Store did not exist in the South. People offered advice in the realm of Kroger and Publix, but I quickly learned that Target has everything I could ever need, plus 5% off with any purchase made with my RedCard.

2. Cheap and Classy Clothes: Everyone loves a good boyfriend tee or new all purpose dress. Sure, the items may not be high end, but they get the job done.

3. Holiday Decor: Call me crazy, but I absolutely love that Target has no shame in putting out Christmas decorations the second the calendar flips to October. Only 5 more months until the festivities begin!

4. Cartwheel: You’re telling me I can save tons of money by just showing you a barcode on my phone? Count me in!

5. Gluten Free Friendly: Since I have Celiac Disease, this is a big deal. Target is always up to date with the latest Celiac-Safe brands of gluten free food. While the locations in the South don’t always have my go-to’s (Please order Lance’s Gluten Free Peanut Butter Crackers!) I always know that they will have quality brands that I can trust.

6. School Supplies: Even though I have been out of school for over a year, I rely heavily on notebooks, pens, and pencils in my songwriting. Target has some of the best looking and durable supplies that anyone could ever hope for. Not to mention, they stock awesome Thank You cards that make following up and networking less stressful.

7. Cafe Popcorn: If you haven’t discovered the hidden gem that is the Target Cafe popcorn, then you have not been living life to its fullest. For just over $2 you can get two fresh bags of popped kernels that taste better than what you can buy in any movie theater.

8. The Dollar Section: Need I say more?

Still not convinced that Target is the best? I dare you to go there for milk and not walk out with at least $30 worth of stuff. It’s impossible.


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