Write a Top Notch Thank You Note

One of the best kept secrets of networking is the writing of personalized thank you notes. These small gestures serve as a simple follow up that help recruiters, colleagues, and clients see you as the professional that you are. When you write a thank you, others are reminded of your thoughtfulness, and that you truly care about the situation at hand.

So how do you write a thank you note that is sure to impress? In my experience, the following three tips make all of the difference when it comes to this important gesture.

Handwritten Wins
In today’s world of computer screens and instant messages, a note that was written by hand will stand out from the pack. When you take the time to put actual pen to paper and mail a card, the receiving end will notice. It’s also an added treat for whomever you are sending the note to because instead of just bills, they will be receiving a kind gesture in his or her mailbox.

Short and Sweet
When writing your note, keep it simple. Thank whomever you are writing to, give a short sentence or two about what the opportunity meant, and then wrap it up with another short “thanks”. In the case of thank you notes, the gesture itself often means more than the words inside.

Pen Promptly
While many argue that it is never too late to send a thank you, it is best to send your note within a week of meeting with the person you are writing to. This helps to not only show that you are prompt and reliable, but it also will get your note to the receiving end while you are still fresh on his or her mind.

Thank you notes mean all of the difference when hunting for that perfect job or trying to build your client base. Don’t forget to add a splash of color with the design you choose for the card itself, and let your personality shine. Thank you notes are a vital part of networking, so get writing today!


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