If Famous Authors Wrote Swift Songs


Like most people, you have probably thought long and hard about which Taylor Swift songs popular authors would have written if given the chance. If for some odd reason you have not pondered this, today is your lucky day.

Here are 10 of the most popular authors, and the Swift Songs they would have penned.

John Green – “All Too Well”
Being one of the more wordy songs that Taylor has written, it only makes sense that the rambling genius known as Mr. Green would have crafted this hit.

Nicholas Sparks – “Sparks Fly”
Not only is this a wonderful pun, but “Sparks Fly” also embodies everything that a Nicholas Sparks novel is, including unrealistic expectations at first glance.

J.K. Rowling – “Wildest Dreams”
Millions of people grew up with Rowling’s “Harry Potter” and surely had some wild dreams of their own about attending the wizard school.

Gregory McGuire – “Today Was a Fairytale”
From The Wizard of Oz to Cinderella, McGuire sure loves to create his own version of beloved childhood stories.

J.D. Salinger – “Never Grow Up”
Holden Caufield never wanted to grow up, and saw right through the lies that made up most adults, making Salinger the prime candidate to write this tear-jerker.

Stephanie Meyer – “Teardrops On My Guitar”
The Twilight books are full of teenage angst, as is this old school Swift tune.

Stephen King – “Haunted”
Like most of the novels written by this horror enthusiast, this song from the “Speak Now” era is both eerie and catchy.

William Shakespeare – “Blank Space”
It’s no secret that this first single from “1989” is full of humorous ironies, much like many of the Bard’s works of art.

Cheryl Strayed – “Out of the Woods”
Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is no joke, and I’m positive Strayed asked herself over and over again about just how much longer she would be in the woods.

George Orwell – “A Place In This World”
There’s a good chance you won’t be able to escape Big Brother or Taylor Swift anywhere you go in this world.





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