The Amazing Underdogs


Another May is upon us, bringing with it a new round of TV show finales. Last night, The Amazing Race claimed its winners.

While my deepest congratulations go out to the team that crossed the finish line first, I wholeheartedly believe that a different duo truly won: Sheri and Cole LaBrant.

The mother-son team were the pegged underdogs from the beginning. Through all nine legs of this around the world race, teams wrote them off as weak competitors and easy targets to take and beat in the finale episode. They scraped by with two non-elimination legs, and just barely claimed a space in the race to the final pit stop.

Even though their journey was unconventional and they do not have a fresh million dollars to their name, Sheri and Cole ran the best race out of all of the teams. Hands down.

Sheri and Cole never gave up. Even when they knew they were at the back of the pack, the duo kept a positive attitude and gave every challenge their all. Whether it was learning how to ride a motorized unicycle or changing a car’s oil, the two of them were always encouraging and never too hard on themselves.

Cole and his mom were the true winners, not just because of their consistent spirit and belief, but also because of the fears they concurred during the race. Both individuals are deathly afraid of heights, yet when challenges arose that required great feats, they quite literally jumped right in. They never hid their fear, but instead proved that they were strong and able to overcome every obstacle placed in front of them.

Sure, the best place they ever got was second, but Sheri and Cole ran the race like it was meant to be. They encouraged each other, never gave up, and consistently proved that you should never underestimate the underdogs.



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