Ten Traveling Tips


This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to go home for a couple of days.

My time was spent with family, my cat, and watching the legendary Graham Zusi play in a Sporting KC soccer game. Needless to say, it was a successful time.

Seeing that I live in Nashville and home is Kansas City, I travel by plane to get back and forth. Flying, especially in a busy airport like BNA, can be stressful. Here are ten tips that have helped take the frustration out of my travels.

Fly Southwest: Not only does Southwest have affordable flights and free perks, it also has some of the best turnaround rates at the gate, meaning less time sitting around during boarding.

Invest in PreCheck: If your airport is anything like Nashville’s BNA, security lines are typically 2-3 hours long on a good day. Opt instead to invest in TSA PreCheck. After a simple background check and small fee, you will be able to skip the lines – and not have to take off your shoes at security.

Pack Early: Don’t wait until an hour before you leave for the airport. You will forget your toothbrush.

Roll Your Clothes: The age old myth is true – if you roll your clothes, you will be able to fit more into your suitcase. And as an added bonus, the materials won’t wrinkle when packed in tight.

Wear Layers: Struggling to save room? Wear layers of clothing to help cut down on space in your bag. Plus, airplanes tend to be cold once they get going, so you’ll be thankful for that jacket mid-flight.

Carry On: Even if your airline lets you check a bag for free, I always find it easiest to just carry on all of my luggage. Making everything I need fit into a backpack and small suitcase can be a challenge, but it is well worth it when there is a zero percent chance of luggage getting lost.

Eat at Home: Always be sure to eat a meal or at least a snack or two before heading to the airport. It is no secret that food there can be overpriced, so save yourself the trouble and stock up at home.

Always Uber: Thankfully, I live under ten minutes from the airport, so it just makes sense for me to call an Uber instead of paying to park. However, whether you live ten minutes or an hour away, an Uber allows for the sort of convenience that airport parking just makes impossible.

Arrive Early: You don’t want to miss your fight, so don’t risk it. Always arrive with plenty of time to spare. Pack a book and catch up on your reading list, or take a nap at the terminal. An hour or two extra will mean the difference between a relaxing travel day, and a nightmare.

Extra Chargers: Airports are the nemesis of cellphone batteries. Especially when you have time to spare, the last thing you want is your phone dying. Be prepared and always bring an extra portable charger. These are quick fixes when your percentage hits too low, and no outlets are to be found.

Take the stress out of traveling by doing your research and always giving yourself plenty of time. Travel should be relaxing and just a part of getting to the end destination. Don’t let it overtake your vacation.



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