When the Heat Beats You



The weather is heating up here in Nashville, TN, which of course means that my A/C quit working earlier this weekend.


This long weekend without a bit of cool air has left me going a little crazy, but thanks to a few tricks, not as crazy as one might expect. Sure, maybe I have considered taking up residence in my freezer, but for the most part, the following five hacks have helped me to keep my cool, even in the midst of this apartment-living-maintenance-will-get-to-you-sometime-next-week-maybe frustration.

Christmas Movies
I can’t even begin to describe the absolute joy that I experienced yesterday when I found The Holiday on Netflix. Yes, at first I thought I was having a heat stroke dream, but you bet I pressed play as soon as I possibly could. You see, Christmas movies always make me feel like cuddling up with a blanket and hot chocolate, no matter the temperature outside. Plus, it didn’t hurt to have 2 glorious hours of Kate Winslet and Jude Law to help keep my mind off of my 90 degree and rising place.

Reading Races
Yesterday, I read Miracles From Heaven in one sitting, start to finish. Those couple of hours flew by with me barely realizing that the scorching sun was pretty much sending my room up in flames. Today, I am utilizing the same trick, and am on track to finish a second book by dinner.

Cool Humans
If you follow me on any of my social media, you no doubt know that I love Graham Zusi, star soccer player of Sporting KC and the Men’s National Team. Thankfully, Zusi played a game on Saturday night, and thanks to my parent’s Time Warner online password, I was able to spend a precious 90 minutes distracted by the game, and not the heat. Sidenote – Yes, I am still bitter that Zusi didn’t get to sub in until 70 minutes into the match.

Neighborly Niceties 
I typically don’t open my windows to my apartment. One part due to the fact that bugs in the South are terrifying, but also because my neighbors are never very quiet. All of that changes, however, when the sun goes down and a cool breeze emerges. I have now become eager to throw open my windows at the first chance I get, even though the people next door still don’t understand what a respectful volume of conversation is.

Laugh It Off
When distraction fails and open windows can’t keep up, Chris Janson and this brilliant song are always there to remind us of what’s important: laughter and great puns.





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