A Night At The Ryman



The Wild Feathers played The Ryman.

The show was incredible. The music was soul-stirring. The atmosphere was electric.

If you know me, you know that I love The Wild Feathers. This band has held a special place in my heart ever since that night in Columbia, MO a couple of years ago when they tore the roof off of The Blue Note with Backwoods Company. A not-so-typical rock band, The Wild Feathers mix poetic lyrics with infectious energy, creating a truly magical musical experience that cannot be rivaled.

I bought my ticket to see this show a good five or six months ago. Who would have thought back then that it would be exactly the right prescription to fix the dreadful weeks I would be enduring mid-June?

In the midst of an apartment flood that lasted a good three weeks, a night at The Ryman watching and listening as the dreams of my favorite band came true was exactly what I needed.

For three and a half hours, I was able to forget about the construction and damaged personal items, and was able to just breathe in the beauty of a sold out historic house sing Left My Woman back to the band that has given us all so much.

I was able to put the ever-growing to-do list of repairs to the back of my mind, and just let the beauty that is live music overtake my world for a night. I wasn’t thinking about the Uber ride back to my wrecked place, or the nightmare of dealing with insurance. With the lights low and amps high, I was able to disappear into a different world. One where all that mattered was right then, right there, with an incredible band making history.

This past Saturday night at The Ryman was a light at the end of a dark tunnel known as my June. It reminded me that, in the midst of so much bad, there is also so much good.

To many, I’m sure that evening was just another concert at The Mother Church, but to me, that show was everything I could have ever needed, and a night I will never forget.


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