A Big Inspiration


While being a writer means that you are responsible for creating your own uniquely interesting work, being a great writer means feeding off of those that influence you.

As a songwriter, that means diving into the collections of the greats, the unknowns, and sometimes even just your next door neighbor. Musicians are responsible for finding those people that influence them as artists, and running with the spark that that inspiration provides.

For me, my torch of inspiration has been lit by none other than Brandy Clark.

Brandy Clark writes real country music. She writes songs that make you angry, make you laugh, and make you wonder how you ever lived this long without her witty charm and sly smile.

Brandy Clark is the type of writer that I aspire to be. She takes simple melodies and turns them into orchestras of emotion. Simply put, she is a storyteller.

Brandy’s stories capture what it means to live an honest life full of twists in a world that seems to be falling apart and through our own fingers. Laced with banjo and steel guitar, Brandy’s music makes the lonely into a community, and the rising stars into humble peers.

I can’t often honestly say that I love every single piece that any given musician has created, but with Brandy, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t mind listening to her songs on repeat every single day for the rest of time.

Check out my cover of Brandy’s Big Day in a Small Town HERE.


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