5 Songs We All Love (But Are Embarrassed Of)


You know it well – that hidden Spotify Playlist that is home to all of your guilty pleasures. Surely, it’s titled some mysterious name to help keep any friends from browsing it (ex: Dave Matthews Band or Indie), and only listened to through the most secure pair of headphones.

We all have that list of songs that we love, but are too embarrassed to play out loud. In fact, here are 5 songs that are sure to top all of our secret charts:

Of all the songs by all the boybands in the world, this One Direction hit was an instant classic. Beautifully written and harmonized, it has the power to stick in your head and make you fall in love with Harry all over again. But, of course, not enough power to ever entice you to admit you listen to it.

Potential Breakup Song
Aly & AJ rocked the worlds of millions of girls in the early 2000’s, and with over 10 million plays on Spotify to date, they still are. This catchy tune has everything we could ever hope for – angst, techno, and a dash of that classic “angry Disney starlet” vibe we have all come to know and love. Plus, it never fails to accompany even the slightest of heartbreak.

Don’t lie – you still jam to Nickleback on the daily.

Shake It Off
Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift knows how to write a song that will get stuck in your head for a good year and a half. Just as we were getting over the chorus of “22”, Swift let loose “Shake It Off”, and we are all still suckers for it – even if just from the quiet “sick beat” of our own headphones.

Wagon Wheel
Living in Nashville, you can’t get away from this song. So obviously you have to act like you hate it because locals are cooler than everyone else – but in reality, sometimes you just have to walk down to Lower Broadway and join in with a crowd of tourists rockin’ away. And then quickly walk out like nothing happened because locals never hang out on Broadway – duh.


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