5 Things To Do Before Summer Officially Ends


Before you aggressively light up your pumpkin spice candles and throw your flannel scarves in my direction, hear me out. I love fall and cannot wait for it to come bursting into my life with the vibrant colors and crisp air that it promises us every year.

But let’s face the facts – here in Nashville, it still feels like 100 degrees outside, and with the official autumnal equinox weeks away, summer is here to stay – at least for the immediate future.

With that in mind, here are 5 things to do to pass the time before summer officially bids us farewell.

Get Caught Up On Your Reading
That pile of books that you promised you would read this summer hasn’t gotten any smaller as the months have passed, so take a little time each day to dive in. Whether you just read a chapter, or polish off an entire novel in one day, you will instantly feel more productive and accomplished.

Visit the Zoo
The Zoo is one of the best places to go in the summer. Take a trip to see your favorite animal, and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts – before you know it, the Zoo will be closed for the season and you will have to wait until spring to see that awesome Red Panda again.

Binge Watch Gilmore Girls
New episodes become available the day after Thanksgiving (or if you’re like me – midnight the night of), so now is the perfect time to restart the series and fall back in love with Stars Hollow.

Attend an Outdoor Concert
Summer is the season for outdoor concerts, and nothing quite beats seeing your favorite band play under the stars on a warm night. If you’re looking for a great show – NEEDTOBREATHE’s newly revamped Tour de Compadres is sure to be hitting a city near you in the coming weeks.

Go for a Walk
Whether it be on your favorite trail or just to the mailbox – go for a walk and take in the beauty of not having to wear mittens just to leave home. You’ll miss the simple beauty of a short walk outdoors when the streets are covered in ice, and your fingers become numb before you can even lock the front door.



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