Why LinkedIn Matters


In this world of too many social media networks to count, you may be thinking “Why do I need another one – especially one that makes me act on my best behavior 100% of the time?”.

As much as it may pain you to not post cat gifs, LinkedIn is a valuable resource for all professionals – no matter your age or current occupation.

LinkedIn is, quite simply, the corporate version of Facebook. Instead of posting pictures of the concert you went to last week, you post your resume. Instead of friending your semi-acquaintance that you met in the grocery store, you connect with professionals in your industry that you hope to one day work with.

With a profile set up that allows for you to humbly brag about all of your accomplishments without feeling over the top, LinkedIn is the first place employers look before they think about calling you in for an initial interview. It is often your introduction to the business world, before you even step a physical foot inside of any corporate door.

While LinkedIn is helpful in obtaining a 9-5, it is also a great way for freelancers and entrepreneurs to connect with other creatives or future clients. LinkedIn allows for writers to share their work and get published easily on the site, and even gives inventors/new start ups the chance to market and work with a whole new set of people who could help get their dream off of the ground.

By connecting millions of professionals in a way that allows for them to make the most of their individual business goals, LinkedIn revolutionizes networking. Sure, it is good practice to only add people you have had actual contact with before, but sometimes a strategic message to someone you look up to can help open doors to you professionally.

LinkedIn may be different than other social networks – but those differences are what make it valuable. Think of it as your personal calling card. It is the one stop shop for potential employers, collaborators, and clients to get to know you, and the kind of work you are capable of.

LinkedIn can mean the difference between landing a job at your dream company, or picking up shifts at your high school summer gig well after you graduate college. A free resource and easy to use, LinkedIn is invaluable to professionals looking to get ahead.


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