Summer Reading Wrap Up


Labor Day is here, bringing with it an end to summer and long leisurely days of reading.

To me, no matter if I had vacation from school or was working full time, summer has always been the season for sneaking in a little extra reading. Something about the brutally hot days just makes one want to curl up with a novel in the A/C.

This summer, even with a new job and a long list of other things calling my name, I was able to read 23 books. Of those books, here are my favorites from the past couple of months.

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A Monster CallsPatrick Ness
We all have our monsters, and Patrick Ness brilliantly paints the story of how one boy comes to terms with his in this novel that is soon to be released on the big screen. I loved the shaded tone of this story and how Ness doesn’t treat the main character like the young boy he is, but rather, like any one of us facing a monster – a myriad of complicated and confused.

The NightingaleKristin Hannah
A work of historical fiction, Hannah tells the story of two sisters and how each of them played intricate roles in becoming heroes of World War II. The differing dynamics of the women showcases the range of experiences in Europe during that devastating time, and flashes into the future keep the reader guessing up until the very end.

November 9Colleen Hoover
Telling the story of two people meeting every year on November 9th, Hoover crafts a heartbreaking story of friendship and loss. With alternating perspectives for each chapter, this novel is more like two books in one.

A Heart Like Ringo StarrLinda Oatman High
Written in poem form, this book follows the journey of a young girl in need of a heart transplant, and what it means when one becomes available to her. A short read, this book moves forward effortlessly, and leaves the reader wanting more.

Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in SongSara Bareilles
For anyone who isn’t aware of the ironic story behind Bareilles’ radio hit “Love Song”, this book will tell you the truth about that middle finger to the music industry, and so many other just as hilarious happenings in Bareilles’ life. Full of attitude and honesty, this memoir showcases the true story of an artist as she makes her way with some of the best wit and talent the world has to offer.

What were your favorite reads of summer 2016?



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