Wheels Up: Songs About Traveling


Everyone knows that the best part about a flight or long road trip is the music you listen to during the journey. Not only is it a good distraction and way to pass what seems like endless amounts of time, but music can set the mood for any occasion – even those dreadful moments of avoiding eye contact with strangers boarding a Southwest flight in hopes of no one sitting next to you.

Music is the ultimate travel companion, whether in the air or on the interstate. Heading out on a trip soon or wishing you were? Check out five of the best songs about traveling:

The HighwayHolly Williams
This haunting melody is all about Williams wishing for the simple things in life and to get back out on the road. She sings of late night memories, guitars, and that hypnotizing beat of tires against the road that we all find comfort in.

Airstream SongMiranda Lambert
Free-spirited and contagious, this Lambert song brings you on the journey of a gypsy who never stops roaming the world. Take caution – this catchy tune will have you trading in your apartment for an airstream by the end of the second verse.

Walking in MemphisMarc Cohn
A classic song for all ages, Cohn brings listeners on a flight to Memphis with a protagonist set out to find his way. Full of charm and Southern references, “Walking in Memphis” will have you sprinting toward your next adventure.

TalladegaEric Church
The story of a group of friends craving youth, Church paints the picture of anticipation of hitting the road, and the utter euphoria that comes when dreams of a seemingly far off land become a reality.

Leaving on a Jet PlaneJohn Denver
This iconic anthem is easily Denver’s most recognized song, and is beloved by millions who sit in airports after leaving loved ones at home every single day. Telling a different side to the story, Denver talks about travel as though it is a hassle, and addresses the honest heartbreak that can sometimes accompany setting out on a new horizon.


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