Get Creative with Your Commute


If you’re like me and millions of other Americans, you have a commute each day that takes up a lot more time than you would like. Sitting in traffic can be a headache, especially on days when all you want is to get home and tackle your massive to-do list, but chances are, your commute isn’t getting any shorter any time soon.

On average, I spend just under 2 hours in my car each work day. Don’t get me wrong – it still frustrates me to no end, but I have found a few ways to make that time feel a bit more productive.

Good Tunes
This goes without saying, but find music that you enjoy listening to, and then blast those tunes to your heart’s desire. Whether it be Charlie Worsham or the Cast Recording of Hamilton, find music that will hold your attention for the whole ride to and from work to avoid the distraction of looking at your phone to change what’s playing. Pro Tip: Preset a handful of radio stations that you love into your console, and then only listen to those channels. Not only will you get a good variety of music, but you will also get constant weather and traffic updates from the on-air hosts.

Good Laughs
Tired of music? Try listening to an audiobook or podcast. It’s hard for me to get into audiobooks – I am too partial to reading printed words – but podcasts have been a great way for me to stay informed and entertained while behind the wheel. For a good laugh, check out Grace Helbig’s Not Too Deep, and for something with a bit more substance, I suggest Dear Hank and John by the ever popular vlogbrothers duo.

Good Ideas
Sometimes, when the drive has taken longer than usual and you aren’t even halfway to work or home, all you need is a little silence to help clear your head. For me, turning off the radio or any podcast that I am listening to has helped me to come up with countless song ideas and blog topics. Brainstorming while driving also serves as a pretty interesting game – trying to remember what you came up with until you finally get to your destination and can write it down.

Do you have a long commute? How do you keep it interesting?


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