Do’s and Don’ts of Freelance


You don’t have to be a business expert to know that Freelancing is difficult. Besides the fact that you are responsible for all of your own company, brand, and general financial endeavors, complications that come with working Freelance can make the career path a daunting one at best.

Working as a Freelancer takes skill, effort, and patience as you establish yourself and your business. No path to Freelance success is exactly the same, but here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you get there a little bit faster.

Do: Use Your Network – Don’t: Rely on Job Boards
When first starting out in Freelance, it is easy to mindlessly submit your resume to listing after listing on different job boards in the hopes that someone will eventually follow up. Job boards are often full of scams or drastically underpaid gigs, so instead turn to your network. Do your research and find out who you know who could use your services. Once you narrow down your list, craft a detailed pitch explaining how your work can help make their business better, and ask to have a meeting. The meeting may lead to something, or it may not, but you have a much better shot at landing new clients if you use a personal connection.

Do: Beat Deadlines – Don’t: Breeze Through Work
Everyone loves a deadline beater, but turning work back into a client only an hour after getting the assignment can be a bit of an overkill. In fact, taking at least an extra day will help to show your client that you are dedicated to your research and creating the best possible piece for them and their business. Great work takes days to complete – not minutes.

Do: Communicate – Don’t: Expect Clients to Stick Around
As a Freelancer, chances are you are working remotely and don’t have face-to-face access with your clients on a regular basis. That’s why communication is key. Haven’t heard from a client in a few weeks and know the end of the month is approaching? Send a quick email checking in to see if there is anything you can help with. The truth is, your clients are more important to you than you are to them, so always go the extra mile to show them you are passionate about the work that you do for them. This communication will not only remind them of your great work, but also help to build that lasting relationship your business needs to thrive.

What are some of your top Do’s and Don’ts for Freelancing?



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