4 Tips for Freelance Success


It is exciting to start your career as a Freelancer. All of a sudden new business ventures, creative projects, and job paths open up to you that you could have never imagined before, and you feel as though your entire professional world is changing – for the better.

This career choice can be exciting, but it can also be incredibly intimidating if you don’t figure out the details of your own business early on. As you start your Freelance work, be sure to keep these few tips at the front of you mind:

Time Management
There’s a good chance you are working Freelance alongside a 9-5 type job, so time management becomes a huge factor in your success. Set aside a couple evenings each week to tackle your Freelance projects, or even a weekend morning. Keep a regular schedule to ensure the best work possible, and always be sure to complete your bigger, more lucrative tasks first.

Web Presence
As a Freelancer, it is vital that you can be recognizable with a simple online search. Be sure to keep an updated portfolio of your recent work on an easy to edit website (like WordPress), and stay active on your social media platforms. A lot of people forget about LinkedIn, but the professional networking site can help you score new clients if you simply share your work frequently.

Elevator Pitch
Know what your Freelance business is all about, and why people would want to work with you. Narrow your mission down to a sentence or two that serves as your tagline of sorts, and use that as your pitch to new clients. When people see that you take your business seriously, they will be more enticed to work with you.

If you have projects that regularly occur monthly, finding the right schedule can be challenging. As a good rule of thumb, always have your projects due at the end of the month turned back into your client 10 business days prior. As far as invoices go, you will want to have those to your clients by the final business day of each month. Having trouble keeping track of those important invoices? Try using Invoice2go’s new online generator.

What tricks keep your Freelance business running smoothly?


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