Be A Better Person: Read


As humans, we tend to copy the attitudes, habits, and ethics of those who we spend the most time with. If you were raised in a crowded city full of opportunity surrounded by people working hard day in and day out chasing career success, chances are, you are a lot different than someone that grew up in a one light town where the tallest building was two stories high.

We also tend to take the familiar road – the route that has been engraved in us by our family, friends, and close mentors over the course of our existence. But what if you want something else? What if you want to forge a new trail that is completely foreign to you and all who you know?

The answer is simple: Read.

When you read a book, you are exposed to new worlds that you would have never otherwise known just by living your everyday life. When you read, you get transported to places of daring adventure, unfamiliar culture, and lessons that don’t exist in your hometown. Books change your world, without making you leave your house.

Reading plays a big role in that human tendency to copy and emulate others. Reading books about political discourse and standing up for what is right can spark the initiative for you to better your own world, just like how reading a novel about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail can inspire you to lace up your own pair of boots.

Biographies and Autobiographies are also a major factor in bettering yourself as a person, because they give you insight into the minds of successful people who have gone before you. These books make it seem as though these inspiring people are speaking to you one-on-one, just like they are a friend chatting across from you in a coffee shop. The more time you spend reading the real words and stories of the people you admire, the more you will, by nature, act like them.

Books are more than just an escape from the world we inhabit. Books have the power to transform you as a person, simply by being read. When we read books about other people and how they have effected the world, we will, slowly but surely, begin to change ourselves, and the world, for the better as well.

What is one book that has changed the way you go about your everyday life?


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