Pros and Cons of Automated Social Media


Since its start over a decade ago, social media has had a reputation for giving individuals real world updates in real time. Whether it’s breaking news regarding the latest political policies or a picture of what your college roommate’s cousin ate for lunch, social media has always shown us new perspectives into every day life as they unfold. 

Once businesses got a hold of this digital space though, things began to change. With assistance from Hootsuite or just Facebook itself, businesses are now able to schedule and implement strategies to go live on their page days or even weeks in advance. 

This automation of social has changed the professional media game, and has become a widely accepted practice for businesses all over the world. 

But is an automated social page a good thing? Let’s look at some Pros and Cons. 

Pro: Management Made Easy
With automated social, there is no need for someone to be waiting around to post the latest content at precisely the right time. Social managers are able to schedule campaigns in advance, and spend their newfound flexibility creating unique initiatives for their clients. 

Con: Social is Constantly Changing
If you are the type of social manager that schedules posts two weeks in advance, chances are, what was the big trend in social when you created the content will no longer be the latest news when the post goes live. Due to social’s constantly changing landscape, automating your posts can lead to missed opportunities strategically. 

Pro: Ability to Prioritize Projects
When you automate your pages and schedule content to post on its own, you allow yourself the freedom to prioritize your campaigns and other digital efforts. This freedom gives you the space and perspective to always be thinking two steps ahead to what is coming down the social trends pipeline, instead of harping on content that may or may not work in the moment. Innovation is the backbone of the digital frontier, and deserves the focus of all social managers. 

Con: Impersonal Atmosphere
When it comes to businesses on social, consumers want responses quickly and in real time. When you automate your postings, there’s a good chance you will lose sight of when specific content is going up, and fail to properly respond to comments/concerns/other engagement on your page that consumers expect you to interact with. Be careful with your social automation, and make sure you have your bases covered when it comes to monitoring all of your pages. 

Automating your social pages or choosing to post organically is a decision you will need to make based on the profiles you manage. What works for one company won’t always work for another. Finding the right strategy for your individual clients will come through different trials and campaigns, but will be worth the process once you hit your stride. 

Do you automate your social postings? 


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