3 Tips for Better Influencer Marketing


The world of marketing is constantly evolving and shifting to meet current cultural trends. When radio first premiered, marketers were able to take advantage of this new medium with creatively crafted content with the latest technology, and now that trend continues up to this day with the ever unpredictable realm of digital media.

One of the biggest factors of digital media that marketers are rightfully taking advantage of is influencer marketing. This type of marketing consists of partnering with a “social celebrity” (like Aspyn Ovard, Mamrie Hart, or Ellie and Jared), and paying them to speak of your product or service in a way that spreads positive attention. Influencer marketing is, at its core, a new form of advertisement that allows for a more organic sense of awareness between influencer and fan.

Influencer marketing can be a tricky business to master, but these tips will help you get your campaign off to a successful start.

Build Trust
No worthwhile influencer will want to work with you unless they trust you and your brand fully and completely. Network wisely with influencers you wish to work with, send them samples, and let the relationship build organically so that, when the partnership forms, the social star can genuinely endorse your product, making the ad resonate that much more with their audience.

Suggest, But Give Freedom
Let the influencer you partner with have freedom with how they will integrate your ad into their usual content. While you can give them guidelines and suggestions, ultimately, they are the ones that know their audience and what does and doesn’t work.

Follow Up
One and done brand deals do work, but not as well as sponsorships that are grown over time. Work toward cultivating a relationship with an influencer that can eventually turn into more of a spokesperson role as both the audience of the influencer and your product grow over time. Loyalty between brand and influencer is often the key factor in successful campaigns implemented on a regular basis.

What are some of the best influencer marketing campaigns you have seen? What made them so successful?


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