Best Practices for Facebook Live

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The next big thing in digital media is here – the livestream.

Livestreaming is a way of showing your audience the raw, unfiltered side of your business in real time. There’s no editing to make your brand look better than it is, and no script that can convince viewers as to why they should side with you. There are no middlemen in the case of the livestream, granting your brand a level of authenticity that has yet to be duplicated in any other medium.

When you hold a livestreaming event on your Facebook Page (because let’s be honest, Facebook’s platform is the only one getting livestream right so far), you create a sense of trust with your audience. Today’s consumers want honesty and truth from the brands they use, and talking to them in real time with nothing but a smart phone between the two of you can do wonders when it comes to your online authenticity.

Holding your own Facebook Live event can seem intimidating, but with these best practices, it can help build lasting consumer relationships in real time.

Keep It Simple
People watch Facebook Live for your authenticity, not the gimmicks you try to pull.  Sure, you can stand in front of a nice background and recite a carefully memorized script, but most people would prefer a casual stroll around the office and being introduced to the people behind the scenes.

Be Interactive
The beauty of Facebook Live is that you can read the comments of viewers as they are posted, and speak to them in real time to answer any questions. You can even take this interaction to the next level by playing a trivia game centered around your brand, and awarding prizes to the viewers that answer correctly the quickest. Real time interaction will help to make your viewers feel involved and like a real part of your business.

Keep It Short
For a live event, try to keep it to 5-10 minutes in length. Anything shorter doesn’t allow people enough time to tune in, and anything longer gives them incentive to leave the stream.

Have A Strategy
Not only should you announce your livestream the day before on your page, but you should also be sure to follow up with the event after it has happened and the video has been posted to your wall for future viewings. Use that video to your advantage. Ask your partnerships to share it on their page, create a blog post for your company that goes in depth on the topics covered, or even turn the video into an ad that will reach new consumers for your company.

A Facebook Live event can seem intimidating, but live videos are the way of the future when it comes to digital marketing. Get started now, and stay a step ahead of the game as new strategies unfold.

Do you use Facebook Live for your business? What are your best tips?


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