Digital Media Trends for 2017


As hard as it is to believe, 2017 is just a few short weeks away. And in Digital Media terms, that means marketers need to be looking ahead now more than ever. 

The realm of Digital Media is constantly evolving, and 2017 will be no exception. With the controversy of online echo chambers and the excitement of Virtual Reality going mainstream, this next year will mean big things for the industry. 

What can we expect from Digital Media in 2017?

Virtual Reality Takeover
You’ve already seen the commercials for Samsung and Google’s new venture into Virtual Reality, so don’t be surprised when VR explodes on the digital scene this year. VR is just at its beginning, but as an exciting way to get people more involved with content – by literally having them live in it. This medium is sure to evolve and expand the further into 2017 we get. 

Livestreams Go Mainstream
People want authenticity from their Digital Media feeds, and nothing is more honest than a good livestream. Livestreams are sure to become more mainstream with companies this coming year, as businesses start to see the huge benefits of being open and unscripted with their audiences. People want to see the team behind their favorite products, and not just the glossy touched-up ads they are used to, and livestreams are the perfect way to do so. 

Diverse Newsfeeds
It’s no secret that our individually crafted newsfeeds are just becoming echo chambers of like minded opinions and carefully selected biased news sources. This past election exposed that quite effectively. In an attempt to change that, and create a more diverse digital experience, experts will begin to change their algorithms to favor reputable journalists, and letting opposing views land at the top of your timeline, instead of eliminating them altogether. While the social experience may change a bit, this will be a great move to help unite and open people up to different diverse viewpoints. 

The Fall of Twitter
While I love Twitter, the truth of the matter is that it is falling behind in the social race. Unless it can find a way to compete on a more elevated stage, we will continue to see Twitter’s (unfortunate) demise over the course of 2017. 

The Rise of Video Content
Video content is the way of the future, and as much as we saw a shift toward that in 2016, this will become even more evident in 2017. People want action, they want movement, and they want to be entertained. Videos are becoming more vital than ever before due to algorithms and audiences favoring them over traditional ads and content. But keep in mind as you’re creating your campaigns – videos should be optimized for both sound  on and silent viewings. Not everyone has a pair of headphones on while scrolling, so don’t dilute their experience just because of that. 

While it seems we have a pretty good handle on where 2017 is headed when it comes to Digital Media, if there’s one thing Instagram Stories taught us, is that there is always room for surprises. Buckle up, this next year is sure to be quite the ride. 

What Digital Media trends do you see succeeding (and failing) in 2017?


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