The Best Digital Marketing Breakthroughs of 2016


2016 was a big year for the advancement of digital media marketing. With an increased emphasis on video content, the demise of Vine, and the slow fade of Twitter, the digital frontier has changed drastically in the past 52 weeks alone. 

Some of those monumental  changes include: 

Facebook Live
Consumers are craving a raw, unfiltered look into the companies they choose, and Facebook Live gives them exactly that. This livestreaming service allows for businesses to give their audience a behind the scenes look into their everyday atmosphere, and showcase what makes their workplace and products unique. Facebook Live gives companies the opportunity to emphasize the honesty and transparency that potential buyers are seeking. Today’s consumers want to feel personally connected to the businesses they choose to buy from, and Facebook Live helps to build that relationship with just a press of a button. 

Instagram Stories
Sure, it can be argued that Instagram Stories is a complete copy of Snapchat, but for businesses, the Instagram platform allows for a wider audience than Snapchat ever did. Instagram Stories automatically connects all of a business’ hard earned Instagram followers to their content, without the pain of trying to get those same people to follow along on more than one platform. With Instagram Stories, companies are able to reach a bigger audience with a unique medium of content specialized to disappearing video. 

Virtual Reality 
Virtual Reality (VR) is just beginning to step up as a real digital marketing contender. VR integrates a digital world into a consumer’s everyday life, and can be used as a game rewarding the consumer with coupons, an informational piece, or simply as entertainment. With VR, consumers can step into different digital worlds with a realistic feel, and emerge feeling like a part of the product or business behind the specific VR world they entered. While only available on a few devices now, VR is quickly growing and can be expected to be seen across a variety of stages in the coming year. 

Digital Marketing is always evolving, and 2016 was no exception. While we saw several techniques begin to fall and leave the mainstream, we also saw the emergence of bolder, more intricate formats across all platforms. Digital Media is heading into 2017 stronger than ever – is your company ready?


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