Your Business Needs to Blog


If your business is not blogging, then it is behind in major marketing efforts. Blogging is vital to the online presence of any business, and by skipping this digital medium, you are throwing away an entire world of customers and opportunity.

Not convinced that blogging is for you? Here are 5 ways that blogging will help better your business today:

Higher Rate of Customers
Businesses who blog have a 60% larger customer base than those who do not. By ignoring the idea of blogging, you are also ignoring a large percentage of potential customers from ever even knowing that your company exists.

Opportunity for Personality
Today’s consumers want to interact with companies that have their own voice and unique purpose for conducting business. Consumers want to know the people behind the products they are buying, and blogging gives you the opportunity to do just that. By highlighting your business’ personality through blogging, you build strong consumer relationships that are vital to the health of your organization.

Cost Effective
A blog is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies in digital media. With just a few hundred thoughtfully written words, your business can reach consumers all over the globe, driving attention to your call-to-action, and increasing your return on investment almost instantly.

Consumer Insight
Having a blog and tracking where your clicks are coming from, and what those clicks are doing, gives you valuable insight into your consumer database. Are most of your clicks coming from the Midwest? Are only a third of your readers moving forward and continuing to another action on your site? Tracking the data from a blog will help you tweak your overall marketing efforts to create an even better, more fulfilling online atmosphere that matches your consumers’ wants and needs.

Fuel for SEO
Your blog is the backbone of your company’s SEO strategy. Search engines love quality content that is valuable to consumers, and thus will rank your site higher than others who are not taking full advantage of blogging. The content that you put on your blog directly affects SEO, so the better you blog, the better this key marketing factor will be for your business.

Starting a blog for your business is a simple way to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy. What are you waiting for?


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