How to Hashtag


The term “hashtag” has become quite the buzzword over the past few years. With the explosion of social media and the popularity of becoming “insta-famous”, hashtags are more important now than ever when it comes to getting your digital content seen. 

But what is the right way to use hashtags? Depending on the platform you are posting on, best practices for this tool vary widely. Take the top three social platforms for example:

The first social platform to really use hashtags to its advantage, Twitter content performs best when 1-3 hashtags are used per Tweet. Hashtags also are best used on this platform by being as specific as possible, and are even more worthwhile when you use a “trending” tag. When you use popular hashtags that people are already searching through, it becomes more likely that your content will reach and have an impact on a larger audience. 

As Instagram gains momentum as one of the top social platforms, hashtags will help you build your brand and consumer base. On Instagram, posts with upwards of 11 hashtags see the most interaction. While this may seem like a lot, this excess of tags gives you the chance to get creative and get your content in front of new eyes searching through the platform’s photos. Don’t overdo it though – best results are seen with posts that have less than 30 total hashtags. 

The original social network, Facebook actually favors posts that have no hashtags at all. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm gives priority to content that does not use any hashtags. This can be frustrating to social managers just wanting to get the word out about a company or product, but if you play by Facebook’s rules, you will reap the rewards. 

Hashtags are an easy way to get your brand in front of a large group of people quickly and effectively. Strategize and tailor your posts on each platform to abide by hashtag best practices, and start growing your audience today. 

What are some of your favorite hashtags? 


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