3 Ways to Write More


We all wish there were more hours in a day. Between our jobs, chores, and MasterChef Jr., we tend let goals slip away, blaming a hectic schedule. 

Writing is a goal that many of us have, but few are able to squeeze into our daily schedule. Between forming ideas, finding inspiration, and actually putting pen to paper (or more realistically – fingers to keys), it can seem impossible to carve out more than a sentence or two in our limited time. 

Finding the time to write more doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, these three practices will have your project complete in no time. 

Set a Timer
Set your phone’s timer for 20 minutes, sit down, and write. 20 minutes may not seem like a lot of time when you are binge watching Netflix or talking on the phone, but if you just focus on getting words on the page, 20 minutes will help you meet new word count goals, or even give you the inspiration breakthrough you need to finish. 

Turn Off Your Wifi
It may sound simple, but turning off your wifi will make you much more productive. Wifi is the causing force of all procrastination, and by eliminating it, you will be able to use those extra precious minutes to write. Think wifi is vital to your research? It very well may be, but granting yourself this time without it will help you to think of new ways to approach problems and their solutions in your work. 

Take Advantage of Down Time
Much more of our days are spent waiting than one might think. Whether it is at the doctor’s office, on our lunch break, or during commercials, waiting steals time away from our goals little by little. Instead of losing that time, be prepared to write during it instead. Download a word document app on your phone, carry a notebook, or even record yourself talking through thoughts and plot points. Having the tools you need with you at all times will help hold you accountable for your writing goals. 

Everyone has time to write, whether they realize it or not. Trade your 15 minutes of Candy Crush for a short word sprint, or even write a chapter before bed instead of watching YouTube. Little adjustments in your lifestyle will result in big written accomplishments. 

What are your favorite ways to sneak some writing into your day?


One thought on “3 Ways to Write More

  1. I love these tips, especially the one about sneaking writing into down time. I always forget that when I’m sitting aimlessly on the bus or as soon as the baby I’m nannying goes down for a nap THAT should be time I’m taking to get in some writing. One of my favorite ways to get some writing done is not to necessarily sneak it into my day, but actually plan for it by putting a writing session in my schedule. That way I’m not super distracted by all the other things I’ve got to do, because I’ve already planned a way to work those in after I’m done writing. And that helps my super active mind to actually stay focused on writing. Anyway, great post! Thanks for sharing!

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