4 Factors in Written Content Success


As a digital marketer, you know that great written content is the backbone of your online brand. Everything from SEO to ROI depends on the words you are crafting, so you better be sure to make each one count.

Here are 4 factors that are key when it comes to developing great written content.

Keep it Short
Your audience doesn’t want to read a novel on your blog, so stick to lists and concise articles. Keep your word count to under 400 words, and always be mindful of including visual content to help break up any paragraphs. Short content will grab consumer attention, and ensure that they actually read the entirety of your work.

Use Active Tense
Opt for active verbs over passive so that your readers will feel like a part of the story rather than an observer of it. The active tense will create a stronger connection between consumers and your brand, and not to mention, will make your content more reader friendly and memorable.

Be Positive
No one wants to spend their time reading a blog or website that is negative. People are looking for positivity in the world, so write your content in a way that boosts that feeling. Instead of talking about the problems people are facing, discuss how your company is actively working to make the world a better place, and how your product or service can help. A positive message is much more likely to be shared and noticed than one full of complaints.

Stay Familiar
When writing your content, stick to familiar, short words. Choose your words so that they can easily be interpreted, yet still get your point across in an intelligent manner. People want to be able to relate to your company, so write to them in the same way you would speak, should you ever meet your consumers face to face. An ACT level word may add flourish to your piece, but simplicity will drive sales in the end.

Your written content is a major part of your company’s online presence, so pay attention to the words your are creating. By keeping your content relatable, short, and direct, you will be able to be discovered by new audiences quickly and efficiently.

What are your tips for creating great written work online?


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