3 Tips for Building Your Personal Platform


Few strategies in the marketing world are more important than the platform you build for yourself. Especially when your brand is comprised of your own work, a personal platform can mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

Your personal platform is the way that you connect with your audience, and ultimately how your product gets sold/voice gets heard. The larger your platform, the more likely people are to pay attention, which in turn will increase your business’ visibility in the marketplace.

A personal platform is made up of all sorts of publicity tools, including social media, blogs, speaking engagements, and anything else that gets your name in front of people. While it may seem daunting to start building your own platform, it can be easy to create an initial following with these 3 tips:

Be Social
The best way to start growing your personal platform is to interact with people through your social media channels. Making the effort to follow back like-minded audience members and replying to your mentions will help you to build strong relationships. In today’s marketplace, relationships are the key to creating a brand following, and establishing the loyalty it takes to get your business off of the ground.

Be Consistent
No one wants to follow someone that only tweets twice a month, so make sure you are regularly updating your audience through your social channels and other chosen forms of communication. But don’t go overboard – keep Tweets to under four per day, Facebook to daily postings, and blog/email campaigns to twice a week or less.

Be Honest
Today’s technologically savvy audience has a knack for spotting impostors, so make sure you are authentic in everything you do. Never agree to brand deals that you don’t believe in, and let your content’s tone reflect your own personal voice. Being honest and true with your audience will gain invaluable trust, and help you multiply the size of your platform quickly.

Building your personal platform takes hard work and patience, but in the end, results in an overall better business quality that can’t be replicated. What are your best practices when it comes to building brand awareness?


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