4 Ways to Improve Your Writing Today


Whether you write copy as a marketing executive or want to pen the next New York Times Best Seller, everyone can benefit from improving their writing. Each person that puts pen to paper or finger to key can stand to work on their writing skills, but sometimes the idea of becoming better can be overwhelming.

Improving your writing doesn’t have to mean enrolling in a lengthy college class (although sometimes that can help). In fact, you can improve your writing almost instantly with these 4 tactics:

A surefire way to become a better writer is to do your research. Learn what it means for your work to have the proper story structure, and go back through your old basic high school grammar notes to make sure you are using prepositions correctly. When you start to put effort behind the technical aspects of your craft, your writing will instantly reach new levels.

Editing your work can be time consuming and frustrating, but it is also the number one way to improve your writing. When you edit, you are able to tweak and transform first drafts into works of art, all while learning about your bad habits as an author and how to fix them. Editing your writing helps you to realize plot holes that you didn’t know existed, and to polish the way you deliver your thoughts in an efficient, artistic manner.

Sharing your work with trusted peers is another great way to gain insight on your writing in order for you to help it improve. By having a fresh pair of eyes read your novel, you will gain a new perspective that will give you the tools you need to write like a pro. Beta-readers will be able to supply you with invaluable feedback to help improve your writing, that you otherwise would have never discovered sitting alone at your desk.

The most effective way that you can start improving your writing today is simply to keep writing. Writing is a muscle, and like any muscle, needs to be exercised regularly to reach peak condition. The more you write – whether blog posts, opinion articles, short stories, or manuscript chapters – the more cohesive your style will become. The practice you gain by writing consistently will help to give your final pieces the boost they need to succeed.

Whether you are just beginning your writing career or about to pen your tenth novel, your writing always has room to grow. What are your favorite ways to work on your writing skills?


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