The Best Binge Worthy Netflix Series


No matter your age, location, or occupation, one thing everyone can agree on is the magic known as Netflix. With this online video subscription, a world of procrastination potential is unleashed in the form of commercial free streaming, 24/7.

Whether you like hour long dramas or thirty minute comedies, Netflix has a series that will keep you glued to your tv or laptop for days at a time.

Some of the best binge worthy series currently available on Netflix include:

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Gilmore Girls
A heart-warming classic, Gilmore Girls is easily the best show available on Netflix to stream. With the full series documenting from Chilton to Yale to yacht stealing to Yale again, it is all too easy to let this show auto-play for hours on end. Just do yourself a favor and skip out on the Year in the Life bonus episodes – not worth the hype or the character demolition.

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Fuller House
One of the best things that Netflix does is bring new life to old (read: cancelled) shows. The greatest example of this is Fuller House. Catching up with the Tanners decades after they left the air, this refreshed comedy brings back that 90’s nostalgia we all crave, even if they can’t get the Olsen Twins to make a guest appearance.


While not the most popular Netflix Original, Bloodline is an American Thriller that tells the story of a troubled family, and the consequences they endure from each other’s actions. Perfect for fans of Dexter, this show will keep you on the edge of your couch.

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The Office
No explanation is needed when it comes to why you should be watching The Office on Netflix. This show is a masterclass in the art of comedy, and the only reason you will want to press pause is to go to Chili’s.


Sure, network tv may be trying to resurrect the much needed family drama genre with This is Us, but nothing will ever beat the prematurely cancelled Parenthood. Every season of this incredible show is filled with addicting storylines, as well as relatable humor thanks to the brilliance of Mae Whitman. Don’t believe me? I’ll bet that after just three episodes, you won’t be able to turn the tv off.

What are your favorite shows to binge watch?


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