The Secrets to Reading More


It’s that time of the year – the time when many people sign into Goodreads only to be shamed for how far behind they are on their reading goal for 2017.

If you are like a majority of readers, chances are, life has just gotten in between you and those pages you vowed you would read back on January 1st. It’s a sad truth that books are often the first thing to be eliminated from a busy schedule. However, time doesn’t have to be such a scarcity when you know how to sneak reading into your daily routine.

Need help increasing your book count this year? Consider these proven secrets to squeezing in more reading:

Be Prepared
The best way to ensure that you are reading more is to make a point of carrying a book with you everywhere. If you don’t have the space or shoulder strength to pack a hardcover in your purse every day, invest in a Kindle, or simply download your local library’s app. When you have words that are easily accessible, you will be able to whip out your book for some quick reading whenever you are standing in line, or waiting for an appointment to start.

Set Goals
Sure, your behind-schedule Goodreads challenge may be intimidating, but consider setting smaller goals for yourself to help kick start your reading. Decide that you will read for 20 minutes before bed, or declare that you will read 2 books within the next month. By setting smaller, more achievable goals, you will be able to accomplish them faster and be left feeling empowered to tackle bigger literary dreams.

Be Social
After you set your reading goals, tell someone! By publicly voicing your reading intentions, you can be held accountable by your friends and followers. Get other people to join in by setting their own goals, and encourage them along their journey as well. While normally a solitary activity, making books social will help you to get and stay excited about reading.

Do you really need to binge watch Friends for the seventh time on Netflix? Is scrolling through your high school classmates’ Facebook pages really worthwhile? Reevaluate where you are spending your downtime, and swap some of those hours with reading. Sure, you may miss out on a heated Twitter debate, but in the end you will be the only true winner, having read 100 pages instead of arguing over another political scandal.

Are you caught up on your Goodreads goal? What are your favorite ways to read more?



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