The Best Bookish Places in Kansas City


There’s more to Kansas City than BBQ and baseball. In fact, Kansas City is one of the fastest evolving art communities in the country, including when it comes to literature.

Want to explore the bookish side of town? Grab your favorite paperback and head to:


Prospero’s Books
Located in the up-and-coming 39th Street district, Prospero’s Books is the ideal hangout for any bookworm. Specializing in unique, hard to find prints, this bookstore is a massive three stories tall and filled to the brim with used novels, CD’s and vinyl records.

Image result for kansas city public library

Kansas City Public Library
Libraries are the place where bookish dreams come true, and the Kansas City Public Library is no exception. Each corner of this space is loaded with literary finds, including the parking lot, which is decorated with larger-than-life spines from classic novels, voted on and chosen by the city. Sign up for a card at the front desk, and you will have the freedom to discover the magic that the building holds, including a one-of-a-kind bank vault turned movie theater in the basement.


The Rabbit Hole
An interactive experience, The Rabbit Hole is a traveling pop-up installment that helps readers to connect to different literary worlds. Celebrating a wide range of classic storybooks, this bookish playground helps audiences to view their favorite characters in new artistic ways.


Rainy Day Books
Averaging over 300 author events per year, Rainy Day Books is one of the best indie bookstore in Kansas City. With regular signings, readings, and meet and greets featuring all of the latest bestsellers, Rainy Day Books has been a thriving piece of the Kansas City bookish community for over 40 years.

What are your favorite literary locations in Kansas City?



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