Gifted: Movie Review


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Hollywood’s latest masterpiece opened nationwide on April 7th, and is taking the movie community by storm. The movie, Gifted, is being held to high acclaim by critics and fans everywhere, and thanks to a stellar cast mixed with an impeccable script, the film has become an instant sensation.

Starring Chris Evans and newcomer Mckenna Grace, Gifted tells the story of an uncle who is fighting to give his genius of a niece a shot at a normal childhood. Mary is a math expert at only the age of 7, and was left to live with her uncle (Frank) as a baby. However, once word gets out about her gifted abilities, Mary’s long estranged grandmother arrives to help push Mary on the academic research path that Frank has worked so hard to keep her away from. Full of heartache, laughter, and twists, this movie is much more than just another Oscar contending tearjerker.

Focusing on the battle between personal potential and the craving for normalcy, Gifted paints a picture of two forces trying to do what they genuinely think is right for the math prodigy little girl whose whole life path is at stake. What makes this movie so brilliant is that, even though each side paints the other to be the bad guy, both Mary’s uncle as well as her grandmother are doing everything they can to give her what they truly think is best.

The standout performance of Gifted is Jenny Slate, who is most commonly known for her obnoxiously brilliant character on Parks and Rec, and does an outstanding job of bringing a third party perspective to the battle.

However, what really sets this movie apart from any other new release is the honest humor portrayed by Chris Evans, Mckenna Grace, and Octavia Spencer. In such a loaded story line, it is refreshing to laugh along with ample doses of smart comedy. Not to mention, a special shout out needs to be given to Fred, the one-eyed cat, who steals the show with his tabby charm.

Gifted is one of the year’s best films. Even with some slow court scenes, this movie captures an audience like no other summer blockbuster, and is a definite do not miss. Grab your ticket today, and experience the gift that is Gifted.



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