4 Ways to Build Your Twitter Platform


In today’s world of comparing insight counts and retweets, it can be frustrating when your Twitter platform doesn’t grow as fast as you want it to. While there are quick fixes for this problem, such as buying followers (which you should NEVER do), nothing will help promote brand awareness like organic platform growth. 

But how do you build your Twitter presence in a meaningful way? 

Publish Quality Content
No one wants to follow an account that spams their timeline with countless self promotions. While yes, social media is a cheap way to get your product in front of people, the audience you reach is much more likely to follow and support you for the long run if you are publishing posts that help, entertain, or educate them in some way. Establish a ratio while planning your social strategy, and for every 8 posts you Tweet, limit only 2 of them to being promotional in any way. 

Follow Back
When you return the favor and follow people who follow you, those customers are much more likely to stay loyal to your brand, as well as engage with what you are posting. However, be mindful of who you do follow back, and avoid accounts that could be damaging to your business’ image. 

Engage with Others
Twitter is a social platform, meaning it was created for the sake of engagement. When you like, retweet, or comment on what others are saying, you will not only help foster relationships, but you will also get your own name in front of a larger audience. Be personable with your platform, and more people will want to do the same with you. 

Be Positive
Rarely do people seek out negativity on social media, so make sure you are keeping the Tweets you publish positive. Congratulate people on life events, encourage those who need it, or even post inspirational stories. Positive content will have a directly positive impact on the size of your platform. 

What are your best tips for building your Twitter presence?


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