How to Overcome Writer’s Block


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting down, opening your laptop – and not being able to come up with a single word. 

Ah, writer’s block. 

While some naysayers claim there is no such thing, writer’s block affects almost every writer at some point or another. Whether you’re writing SEO content for your company’s blog or penning the next great American novel, overcoming writer’s block is vital to completing your project. 

Some of the best ways to push through and get rid of writer’s block include:

When you know where your writing needs to end up, it’s much easier to put fingers to keys and get the words out. Always outline your work before you start to give your writing direction – but don’t be afraid to deviate from the plan if inspiration strikes. 

Stop in the Middle
Have you noticed that it’s much easier to pick up the writing pace when you start in the middle of an action-packed scene? Make a habit each time you write to stop in the middle of a plot point as a favor to your future self, instead of breaking at a chapter or end of a scene. 

Take a Break
Sometimes the best way to better your writing is to not write. It’s hard to find inspiration staring at a computer screen, so instead go for a walk, read a book, or call a friend – your next great breakthrough could easily happen away from the page. 

Unplug from Distractions
Sign off from social media, go on airplane mode, and turn off Netflix. Trust me. Nothing sucks away writing motivation quite like your tenth rewatch of New Girl. 

Change Your Environment
Most writers have a dedicated space for work, but switching it up can often jump start new ideas. Always write at a desk? Try moving to the patio. Used to working at the kitchen table? Head to a coffee shop for the afternoon. 

Keep Writing
The most-proven way to beat writer’s block is to, well, keep writing. While breaks are encouraged, completely giving up on a project will never help your site reach a million views or find your novel a home on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. As Robert Frost famously said, “the only way out is through”. 

What are your best tips for overcoming writer’s block? 


4 Ways to Increase Engagement on Social Media


In a world where digital media is quickly surpassing – and then lapping – traditional marketing, the way your business approaches social media can either make or break your yearly plan. 

While some companies measure follower growth and others measure impressions, the most important statistic to track on your social media platforms is engagement. Customer engagement comes in many forms – likes, retweets, comments, and click through rates, just to name a few – but ultimately boils down to how consumers are interacting with and spreading your brand throughout the online space. 

Four ways to increase engagement on your company’s social media platforms include:

Be Relatable
If your business is sending tweets with copy that looks like a computer wrote it, there’s a 99% chance your engagement rate will be nonexistent. Consumers want to feel like they are talking to a real person and not just some copy-paste statement. Commenting on trending stories that relate to your brand, or even posting pictures of the behind-the-scenes of your business can go a long way when it comes to engaging customers – both the ones that already follow you, and new. 

Have a Strong Call-to-Action
Sometimes you have to tell your customer step by step what to do in order to gain engagement. Whether through polls, encouraging them to quote retweet with their opinion, or telling them to click through to learn more, strong call-to-actions within your social posts give consumers an easy way to interact, rather than just scroll past. 

Give Incentive
There’s nothing that boosts engagement on social media quite like when consumers feel like they have something to gain. While not something that should be done every day – or else you will come off as spam – things like contests and surprise and delight giveaways are a great way to get customers interested. You can even take this to the next level by giving followers who retweet or share your post extra entries into a contest or other special perks to help organically spread brand awareness. 

Actually Engage with Your Audience
Consumers respond to social posts when they feel like they can be heard, and more importantly, listened to. The best way to make them feel that is through actually talking to and engaging with your followers online. Like their posts, retweet their (positive) thoughts, and for the love of all things PR actually respond to their questions in a timely manner. By treating your social presence like a real social interaction, you’ll be able to build relationships that keep consumers engaged with your brand day after day. 

What are your top tips for increasing social media engagement?

February Reading Wrap Up


Ah, February, the shortest reading month of the year.

And let me tell you – it definitely was a struggle.

While I still managed to squeeze in 11 books this past month, I wish I could have fit in even just a few more.

Regardless, here are the books I did manage to finish in February:

  1. Swapping Lives by Jane Green
  2. We Are Okay by Nina LaCour
  3. Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
  4. Voice Lessons by Cara Mentzel
  5. I Am a Warrior Goddess by Jennifer Adams
  6. As Old As Time by Liz Braswell
  7. Love, Life, and the List by Kasie West
  8. When It’s Real by Erin Watt
  9. Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino
  10. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng
  11. Beartown by Fredrik Backman

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