Why Sporting KC Has the Best Social Media Presence


What person/company do you think of when you consider the best social media presences in today’s digital space?

Chances are, you probably didn’t just think of a Midwestern MLS team. 

Sporting Kansas City, known for being the “Blue Hell” of Major League Soccer and for having one of the best emerging offensive lines this season, also has another win to add to their trophy wall – the best social media presence. 

Even without millions of followers, SKC is taking the social sphere by storm, and there’s a lot other companies and influencers can learn from the team. 


They’re Informative
Whether another player is breaking yet another team record, a new name has been added to the injury report, or Zusi has cut 8 inches off of his hair, Sporting KC keeps fans in the loop of the latest news as it happens, so that even fans stuck in the concession line during Opara’s game-winning goal can know what’s going on in real time. 


They’re Interactive
From tongue-in-cheek disses to other teams to showing support to fans through the Victory Project to even checking in on the weather for game day with the local station, SKC knows how to stay at the top of timelines with witty, engaging content. 


They Know Their Audience
Think a soccer team can’t meme? Think again. Sporting KC uses their unique voice through pop culture content as well as behind the scenes looks into player life. MLS fans don’t want to just see stats – they want content they can laugh with, whether it’s a homemade meme or a partnership between the team and a Toyota dealership that interviews key players from behind the wheel. 


They Go Above and Beyond
When just their free bobblehead gets a feature video worthy of an Oscar, you know they’re doing something right. SKC takes the time to create polished, quality content that is not only likable, but most importantly, shareable – which helps to grow their social presence in MLS and beyond in an organic way. 

Let’s face it, this team is hard to beat on the pitch – and on Twitter.