The Best Songs You’ve Never Heard


If you’re anything like me, you probably get tired of hearing the same conveyor belt songs on the radio every single day. You know the ones – they all are structured around the same chords, same theme, and a lot of times, the same artists. You try changing radio stations, but you just can’t get away from those auto-tuned 3 minutes of torture.

This annoyance day after day is enough to inspire me to seek out new songs and artists as often as I can. Quite frankly, some of the best songs ever written never get air play, and that’s a flat out shame. To help you, and myself, get a much deserved break from mainstream music, here are some of the best songs I’ve found, that you’ve probably never heard of.

Young to See – Charlie Worsham
A song for the young and young at heart, Worsham effortlessly captures what it means to follow your heart, even if that means making a few crazy choices along the way. Easily my favorite song of all time, Young to See will have you quitting your job and heading to Bonnaroo in no time.

Plastic Jesus – High Valley
While a funny concept, this surprisingly serious song talks about what it means to truly have faith, instead of just praying for show. A few years old, this catchy tune still rings true, especially in today’s heightened political atmosphere.

Fly Away – Stephanie J. Block
A musical theatre piece, this song brings you back to childhood and the innocence of believing in Peter Pan and his friends. Fly Away will get stuck in your head, and heart, by the end of the second verse.

Good Ol’ Boys Club – Kacey Musgraves
The most controversial song on Musgraves’ latest album, this tune tells the harsh reality of Nashville and how it heavily favors those who have the right friends, but not necessarily the right talent. With a few jabs at some popular acts, this song will have you rioting with laughter in no time.

T-Shit and Jeans – Hank Green
Basically my personal anthem, this catchy piece is all about how our appearance is secondary to our character. A nerdtastic jam, T-Shirt and Jeans is sure to leave you smiling every time you wear that same apparel.

What are your favorite lesser-known songs?


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